• Gareth Brinn

Using the White Voice for Anti-Racism

“Not racist” is now just compliancy. Compliancy is just not good enough anymore....

White people are quintessentially racist. (Modern) society is racist. White people’s socialisation is racist. I learned this when doing a research paper on my sociology class’ response to a documentary focusing on knife crime within a Black community. A very left-wing conversation should have taken place. Instead, I read openly racist tweets. This opened my eyes. Even the so-called liberals can be racist.

This encouraged me to write my final paper on the racism I was witnessing, because those who were learning to invoke change were reproducing the problems. That’s when it hit me. Racism should not only be called-out by those who are affected by it, but by everyone because racism exists everywhere. However anti-racism should not be opportunistic but something which is built into our socialisation.

White people can no longer sit idly by and say: “I’m not racist” with a backdrop of systematic racism and discrimination sitting behind them. “Not racist” is now just compliancy. Compliancy is just not good enough anymore. White people have a duty to add to the roar which those facing racial discrimination have started. In a world built on White supremacy, the White voice is a tool which White people must use to fight racism. To quote Dominique Jackson: “We must see the human factor. Our foundation is human”. This is in relation to transgender issues, but this is the same for race issues also. Our foundation is not race but humanity.

The White and ignorant will not listen to the discriminated. That is why the White voice is important. We must call out racism in the home, school, and the wider world. When the ignorant realise their out-dated views are not welcome even in an all-White environment, then those views will begin to leave public discourse. When they are no longer in public discourse, they begin to fade from society. Idealistic? Yes. But without ideals, our society is not motivated for change.

So, if you are White, be the change which the world needs. Those facing racial discrimination need you. Humanity needs you.

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